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On my ED trip last month, I visited both Florence and Venice. If you love culture, you will fall in love with these cities although Venice is a bit more touristy.

As LDV330i pointed out, there can be no better place to stay other than Villa Fiesole in Florence. Plan for two full days atleast in both places. Villa Fiesole was extremely comfortable, correctly priced(you can call them on the phone to get better rates), well located and refreshing. They even had towel warmers. Thanks LDV and others who recommended this place to me. I only wish I had stayed longer there.

In Venice we stayed at a Bed and Breakfast owned by a family(another recommendation from a fester). This too was very comfortable and gave us the feeling of staying in someone's home. It was located in Mestre (about 15 min by bus) and your car was parked inside a locked compound.

While driving from Innsbruck to Florence, I had a very ackward experience. I would not say this to be aggressive but wierd. We took an exit in Modena which took us to a round about. At the round about, the guy ahead of me suddenly stopped and started to reverse. Guess why. He missed his exit. :mad: I had to reverse and so too the guy behind me. I still fail to understand why this idiot could not go around the circle once again rather than create a possible accident. Anyway if you are careful, you will have fun and share these strange experiences too.

If you are visiting these cities make sure you have plan ahead. Make reservations on the web to the museums. It is well worth the extra $...every cent of it. Also remember these museums are closed certain days of the week. Check their websites.
1 - 1 of 16 Posts
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