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ED Factory Tour

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Hey, all...

Biting my nails. Can't wait until September when I go to claim my 330ci. The itinerary is starting to gel, and I am excited. Bummer is that it is Octoberfest, so prices are a bit high. Good news is that a travel agent friend of mine got some good deals!

Plan so far is to take delivery in Munich, and then to move towards Amsterdam. Probably through Luxembourg and Brussels. Short period of time, so I'll be covering a lot of cities

Luxembourg City

Anyone do the same or something comparable? How about the factory tour. Was it worthwhile? (particularly given my time crunch)

Any tips?>

Thanks, all...

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For your scheduling purposes the factory tour is given only on Monday and Friday so keep that in mind. Since I"m picking mine up this coming Tuesday in Munich I won't be able to take the tour. But as a college kid years ago I worked in GM's assembly plants building Chevy II's and Corvairs (at 56 of them an hour) and seeing an auto plant isn't at the top of my list.
I'm heading South after leaving Munich for our vacation in Switzerland and will drop the car off in Zurich where we fly home from.
Lansing - I did the factory tour, the BMW museum, and dropped off in Amsterdam earlier this summer. I would say do the factory tour, but skip the museum (and you have to meet in the museum lobby for the factory tour, so that tells you how little I thought of the museum).
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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