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I am thinking of getting a 2005 x3 thru ED (because I am not sure if there will be a facelift/price change for x3 in 2006 and if so, whether or not I will like the new look/whether the new price is going to be better or worse).

1) Can someone tell me when is the latest I need to place an ED order at the dealer if I want a 2005 model?

2) Which of the following would be a better deal? Wait till later this year when the 2006 model comes out, go to a local dealer and bargain for a 2005 model on the floor (hopefully with the options I want); or ED still is the better deal no matter what?

3) From 04 to 05, the 05 x3 is a much better buy because of the standard automatic transmission and the moonroof....will the 06 x3 be a better buy compared to the 05 x3? when will we know?

Thanks in advance!
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