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ED Order Tracking Question

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My car has completed production but I don't pick it up until 9/3. When I check the order status with the 800 number it says my car is being "transported to the port of exit." Is this just the default status once production ends for ED cars, or should I be worried?
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That's what is reported for Welt deliveries

When I call the 800 number it says that the car is in production and will be complete on the 18th august.

But I cannot register the car online in my BMW

Any one ran into this issue?
Don't worry about tracking. It's not accurate.
I got the VIN and now Im able to successfully register...While registering it asked for my zip code to add a dealer to my account and it did not get past that screen on clicking continue....

Called BMW and they said they will fix the issue with my login in the next couple of hours....

I want to track the progress online...and the production already started :)
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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