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ED Paperwork

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I am taking delivery of my 2013 M5 at The Welt on 9/1. I signed my paperwork this past weekend on 8/25. I have been told its usually ten days prior to pickup to sign paperwork but dealer finance person told me one week is sufficient. Is one week sufficient prior to pickup enough in advance for a 9/1 pickup?

Thanks in advance
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You really don't need to worry. It's a flexible situation.
Great. Thank you! Will be sure to post pics per the 12 hour rule.
I'm two weeks from lift off and still no vin. Received email from BMW that they would notify me when my car moves to production. Can't complete paperwork until they give dealer the vin.
They can build a car with in a week
My car was only built about 10 days prior to me picking it up. Don't fret or worry. BMW has this down a science. I assure you that your car will be spinning on the platform when you walk down those wonderful steps on your pick up day!
One week isi the minimum. I would only do a week with a REALLY experienced CA. Otherwise, there's no recovery time if something isn't quite right.
What about the wiki which says - "Purchase order and power of attorney needs to be AT ED in New Jersey by 30 days out. Do NOT let this slip."

When does this normally happen? I will be 30 days out on the 10th and don't have a production number yet (expect one in 3 days).
You should've seen/signed the PO and PoA in advanced, but the actual 'payment' or financing of the car can wait until a week out. In my case, I signed the paperwork the day before picking up the car (not by choice, BMWFS had my dealer redo the paperwork...).

Without a PO BMW won't build your car...Without the PoA they won't give it to you...
As noted by neve1064, while the PO and financing timeframes appear to be rather rigid on and the wiki, there is a lot of flexibility in practice.

My CA and I both forgot about the PO this time... We didn't get this sent in until 2 weeks prior to our pickup date - meanwhile, the car had been built for a month already at this point. They didn't wait for the PO before building the car. The PO and POA are definitely required for Munich to get the registration and insurance docs prepared prior to your arrival, but in practice they aren't waiting for it before building your car.

Paying for the car, whether leased, financed or cash, is technically not even required by BMWNA or the Welt prior to your pickup - they will give you the car in Munich whether this has been taken care of or not. Your CA, and especially his/her employers, care a LOT about whether this is done before you leave for Germany, though, as they don't want to get stuck owning your now used car after you've spend a few weeks joy-riding around Europe in it.

One week is plenty of time to get the paperwork up to BMWFS in OH. When I asked this question, I heard from several who signed their financing paperwork as late as 3 days before their pickup date. This transaction is between your dealer and BMWFS - the folks at the Welt have nothing to do with it, and your successful pickup experience in Munich will not be impacted in any way by this process.

Another thing I learned recently is that your vehicle doesn't show up on your BMW center's sales sheet as sold until your delivery date in Munich. There are some CAs and finance people out there pressuring you to "buy" the car weeks in advance of your pickup date, purportedly so they can record the sale earlier. In fact, this does nothing of the sort and simply takes money out of your pocket earlier than necessary.

I'm no expert, but everything I've written here came from people on this forum who I consider to be experts. You'll get some argument from others about this stuff, but I do believe everything I've said is accurate.

Anyway, the short version is what was posted earlier: "You really don't need to worry. It's a flexible situation." :)
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