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ED Purgatory

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There comes that time in all EDs lives where the car gets dumped on a boat and shipped back to North America. For a preview of that period, I took my car in for service for some minor body work (dents and dings seem inevitable after 12 months in Europe), and rented a Peugeot 206. This has brought about a new found appreciation of the BMW.

For those of us that forget how great our cars are, spend a few days in a rental and you'll bring a whole new appreciation back to Bimmers. Motors that redline, suspensions that soak up bumps like magic, and take the twist and turns with aplomb. The sheer sportiness and luxury at the same time.

It's going to be almost five months before we see the car again (we're staying longer in Europe than the car can) -- so purgatory will be as bad as Dante promised....neverending.
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Atleast in europe you can rent a 3 series. When I lived in Germany, the price of a 318i or 320i rental was quite reasonable.
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