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KickinA said:
Here are my newbie questions:

1) On average, how long is the wait from signing the deal with the dealer for ED to Munich pickup?

2) Once a Munich pickup date is established, do I need to pickup on the particular date? Is there flexibility on when I can actually pickup the car after its built?

1. Pick a date you would like to take your vacation, ask dealer to confirm date with BMW NA,
2. Dealer comes backs, says that date is good or give you alternatives.
3. Pick up date is a definite date, not a maybe date, paperwork has to be processed so changing it will get harder as it approaches.
4. Wait impatiently as BMW NA sends your ED packet 3 days before leaving for the trip.
5. Pick up car, drive fast, spend lots of money on gas, come home, bitch about redelivery wait.

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