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electric issue

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hello guys, I have a BMW X5 E53 2005, no interior modifications, I just made an engine replacement and while the replacement process the battery was dead, I changed the battery as well and bought a new one, when I plugged the new battery, radio, AC, sunroof, rear lights (they are not working from outside either), cluster instrument indicators ( turn signal, light signals, ...) they are working outside but inside are not working. I am repairing my car due to the financial crisis in Lebanon. any help? BY THE WAY MY RADIO WHILE IGNITION ON IT PRODUCE SOUND LIKE THE ELECTRICITY IS COMING TO RADIO.
1- I checked the fuses they are all working fine.
2- the wires they are all good in the terminals (battery and alternator)
3- all the relays are also fine
4- alternator voltage is good.
5- OBD-2 ECU reset successfully done.