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Electric Red

1999 5
Anyone here have an Electric Red 330Ci, or any Electric Red BMW? Is electric red less orange than the old bright red? How does it compare to Imola Red?
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it's brighter than Imola. Imola looks blood colored, "Bright Red (Hell Red) has the orange tint, and Electric red is just a truer bright red.
Here's one for you...

On an E39.

hmmmmmm, doesnt look too good in this pic.

I ordered the electic red and is hoping my babe will look much better than that.... maybe because its a e36, dunno....:dunno:
hey in_d_haus can u post pics of yer car, thanks:)
by the way i live in everett, pretty close to where u live
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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