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Alright well this may be long, but I believe to have an electrical problem, and also an L7 issue.

First issue- alright, every dash light is on like Christmas, ABS, PARK, seatbelt, etc etc. speedometer doesn't work, got a code for a wheel speed sensor, well as always check fuses first, I had a blown fuse, put new one in it works sometimes, only 3 times this week, before nothing. Anything possibly go bad?

Issue two- Logic 7, I get no sound at all from the vehicle, amp is good, had it taken apart and looked at at my shop, everything tested out good on it, fuse 65 in the trunk, every time I put one in that spot it sparks and then my fiber optic line in the glovebox lights up red, and I lose all controls over Idrive system, and AC. What to look at?

Issue three- trail arm bushings, right hand rear side lower control arm, waddles like crazy when I press brakes, have all new ball-joints, lower control arms steering stabilizers on the front, now my passenger rear tire has excessive camber, and play in that wheel, where can I get the bushings? I've looked all over for them and nothing yet.

Issue four- ASK unit, works when the red light is on in the glovebox, when it's off it doesn't work. But as stated above, my whole Idrive unit freezes up nothing works. Help please

Issue five- steering wheel controls, nothing works, help please

Thank you for taking your time to read this post any help will be greatly appreciated
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