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Hi-posting this on general forum as I am 100% sure that problem is not confined to the34 series All help is appreciated

okies - few fundamentals and attempted fixes/explorations thus far

bought 1992 535i bout a year ago- no complaints - lotta likes about the overall engineering
few repairs to be expected on 250000 miles- but relatively easy - few beers and go

power windows were best words - off and on erratic - soo start with drivers front - pulled panel and tore down motor- jeezzzz - the armature was scored similar to that of brake rotor long overdue for replacement - my guess 3/32" - seriously - but 250000 miles - okies - but not convinced mileage would score an armature that much- replaced - works one way - reverse the wires (2 of em at motor) works the other way - replaced master switch w/new one - piece of cake - worked a few times both ways but them jammo jammo - okies getting serious time here- removed door- checked ALL wires for cracks, breaks etc etc - all good - dig, check dig check - FRONT window guide is kinked - dam impossible to do w/o door being busted b4 - maybe but not the case 100% sure - replaced - reinstalled door - better but still one way operation unless reverse manually the 2 wires- 1 out of 10 tries it goes both ways - got all voltages good at motor , switch, fuses (front & rear) - grounds are good - other 3 windows - erratic at best and btw sunroof operates flawlessly
haven't checked the fusible link yet - but not symptoms of one bad anywhere else
am thinking faulty relay because of erratic operation- Bentleys manual is clear that there is one but can't find it- front or rear - haven't looked under glove box yet- but so far that seems fuses- and have researched this forum - quite an excellent forum - to no avail yet - another possible culprit is general module- took covers off- all looks good - solder joints, components etc Relay module inspected at component level - all good and wiring leading into it is good

any solutions? and keep in mind one way operation (not pulling panel yet anytime operation is a convenience) and relay location
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