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Electrics or Module Issue

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I have a problem with the following symptoms on a 2003 530i;

The central locking does not work by manually locking the drivers door with the key. The key battery is flat so not remote button to try either. Only the drivers door unlocks and locks. The control panel for the windows only operates the drivers window. However the rest of the power windows work by their own control on each of the doors. The boot lid button in the foot well does not release the boot.

I have checked every fuse in both glove box and boot and all are fine, none blown or needed replacing. Pulled every one of them after reading all the threads with similar issue. I have searched threads many times for days now but no joy.

I also cleaned up the earth which is located on passenger side under top air box even though it was very tight and clean. This was mentioned as a source of electrical gremlins. No change.

I do get the impression all these faults are linked but at what common point other than the fuses ?

The only thread which seemed to talk about a similar issue mentioned the "General Control Module".

Thsi forum certainly helps and is a great source of info for these beasts....which you need! So thanks to those that respond with assistance.
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I had a similar issue with my X5 - I went to my garage and they ask me to change the module and pay £600 (Inc Parts)
I manage to get a Ebay and found out that this can be repaired for £55. The guy details is as follows: Collins 07790 658 683. He saved me £500.
What module exactly was it ? Was it the one in the door or somewhere else? Any details on the module would be appreciated and then I will search ebay for the same.
The general module controls these things (which is behind the glove box).

The drivers door module, the passengers door module and the general module talk to each other with the P-Bus (which is connected to other circuits too). But the central lock button (between the front 2 seats) goes straight on a dedicated wire to the general module and the rear door locks have also direct, unshared wires to the general module.
That means: if your central lock button doesn't lock at least the rear doors, then the general module doesn't do it's job.

Try to disconnect the battery to see if a simple reset helps. Check the fuses and the ground of the general module.
To get to the General Module do you have to remove the glove box front panel itself or can you access it without removing anything ? Opening the glove box I cant see it, or is it behind the fuse panel after you drop that down ? I just disconnected battery and it did not resolve. Thanks for replying too. I think it is this GM, all signs say so.
This was behind the glovebox- it is for the central locking - and also when the car goes on safe mode or transportation mode. I actually thought the fault was with my remote control but in fact some issue with the module. Just get it reconditioned and this will save you some money!!
What module exactly was it ? Was it the one in the door or somewhere else? Any details on the module would be appreciated and then I will search ebay for the same.
central locking

Hey Dousty, have you got you new key yet?, if not wait till it arrives and see if helps at all and go from there
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