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Electronics Failure

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I drive a 2001 BMW 530i: I was on the highway when my AC, Radio, and turning signal suddenly started to work intermittently and eventually stopped working alltogether few minutes later. I also noticed later that the passenger side mirror does not turn anymore whenever the car is in reverse. The turn signals work outside the car but not on the cluster display. The AC was blowing hot air even though the cool signal light was on. Checked the fuse and they all appear to be intact.

Please advise.
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Check your alternator and bettery for proper voltage output. Multiple unrelated electrical system failures usually suggest insufficient voltage. Do a search for the tests to perform.
And if the battery/alt voltage is OK (12.2 to 14.2 volts) is could be the ignition switch.
Like they said ... start with the battery & alternator - then worry about other stuff:
- How to test a BMW E39 battery & alternator (1)
Thanks everyone for your response. Will update my result.
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