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musk autonomous

Tesla recently released a software update for their Model S. The update gives owners the ability to summon their car, as well as park itself. That's all pretty exciting, but according to a Jalopnik article, Musk believes fully autonomous cars are getting really close. Like a few years close.

"If you're in New York and the car's in Los Angeles, you can summon your car to you from your phone and tell the car to find you, and it'll automatically charge itself along the journey," he said on a conference call before the Detroit Auto show.
And Musk adds to the feeling of the future being upon us. Musk said the timetable for fully autonomous cars could be between 24 and 36 months away.
Tesla's software update also made some tweaks to their Auto-steer and Autopilot systems to make them a bit more safe. This at least shows that Telsla keeps steadily working toward full autonomy. Now, cue some more videos of Model S owners letting their cars drive themselves.

Read the full article from Jalopnik here!


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