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The same "conversations" about Spa have come up before. A few years ago, the teams showed up with their normal cancer advertizements plastered all over everything (MSchumacher probably wears Malboro underwear too) only to be told that they would be fined by the local government. Bernie "Great Train Robbery" Ecclestone came to the rescue and they worked it out in the 11th hour.

The cigarette advertising ban is an EU-wide thing and one of the reasons that Formula One will be racing in places like Qatar, China, Russia and maybe even Lebanon in the near future. Those countries have no laws against that type of advertising.

However, Spa is long been a question mark due to the fact that part of the track is on publics roads.

Now that Hockenheim is a memory of what it used to be, if they get rid of Au Rouge and Spa Francorchamps, Formula One will be a circus on Mickey Mouse tracks like Hungaroring ... no over taking anywhere.

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