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I am visiting my dealer (Allison at Moutain View, CA) tomorrow for the last time before my warranty expires in another 1.5k miles. My brakes dont seem to be nearly as good as they were just 5k miles back. What can I do to ensure that they do some material good to the brakes?

Would trim related squeaks and rattles be something that I should press them to take care of?

Lastly, ever since I bought my car in Sep 99 (Y2K model), I have been having this thud/clunk sound at times when stopping the car. They have seen it and documented it several times without having any explanation as to why that happens. I do know it is transmission related, but beyond that nobody seems to have a clue. Would you have any suugestions as to what I should do about this?

Thx. in advance for any suggestions.
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