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Engine Bay Hole, coolant light, airbag light

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Hello! I am new to Bimmerfest and hope you all can help me out. I recently bought a 1999 bmw 323i from some guy in boston for $1100. (if you think i got gyped say so!!). Had a CEL on for MAF sensor (which fortunately was just unplugged), coolant light (which i still cannot figure out what's wrong, i already tried bleeding the system of air but to no avail, so if you have anything that may help please leave a comment!!) airbag light (haven't even started to look into). While i was exploring the engine bay, i noticed an area where there was nothing but a few melted wires. It's located, if you're looking at the engine bay from the front of the car, on the top left, above the washer fluid and to the left of the engine. Any idea what is supposed to go here if anything? any help is appreciated, thank you!!
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Welcome to the fest. The coolant light illuminated could be only the expansion want coolant sensor is bad or disconnected. About the hole and melted wires, could you take a picture and post it. About the airbag, you need to buy a BMW airbag resetting tools to reset the airbag or to troubleshoot. Since you are hands-on, I recommend to buy a OBD scanner for BMW, some are not that expensive. You have to Google for the price range you want to invest to the OBD II scanner.
Pictures are important!

Your coolant light could be that you didn't carefully follow the precise arcane bleeding procedure.
Or it could be a foul up in the sensing circuit.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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