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Engine Cleaner

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What brand should I use...any thoughtful insight is appreciated!

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I have had excellent results with Simple Green.

a. It's not harmful to the enviroment
b. easy to use
c. inexpensive

But, make sure you only use it on a cold engine, or it can dis-color some alloys
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Simple Green Engine Cleaner in the (black?) pump sprayer works great (though it does leave a soapy residue), but be careful of getting it on your skin - it works well because it is a very strong base. I had it all over my hands while I used it for a few hours under my car, and by the time I went to bed my hands were peeling really bad. I lost a couple layers of skin and it took over two weeks for my hands to heal!

I would avoid any type of spray-on, hose off engine cleaner; even if you cover the alternator, distributor, etc., these cleaners always seem to cause problems and they are just sloppy. I have always used a soft cloth, the softest toothbrush available, and q-tips. It also helps 'for next time' if you wax the metal and painted surfaces after you clean. (don't use Carnauba-based wax though, it won't last past the first time you start the car due to the high temperatures).

Hope that helps a little,

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anything else

I'm not gettin any love...

So Simple green will do the trick huh. I guess that would involve a little elbow scrubbin...not just spray and wash right...? I was looking for something which I could spray and then power spray off....
Check this review that Hack shared Hack's Engine Cleaner Review

Looks like the pics are no longer up but I'll attach one of his that I saved for reference (Thanks to Dan for sharing:D )

Feel the Love yet:dunno:


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PM 325xiT....You hooked me up. I remember HACK puttin this up now a while ago. Thanks... I believe, I belieeeeeeeve!:bigpimp:
I use Griots Garage engine cleaner and love it! Used it last night
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