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Engine fault reduced power e87 n47 2009

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My car model is bmw series 1 e87 n47 2009
I cleaned the intake manifold, air cooler, and air flow meter, and I refurbished the turbocharger, but after a week, the same error reappeared (during the error, the car no longer accelerates normally), although sometimes it goes away after 10 minutes of driving and returns to normal.
I have been to 3 mechanics. What could I do?
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first thing would be to get a BMW specific code reader, read the codes and post em on here. as you have the CEL, the DME has at least one code
Najlepiej diagnoza wstępna komputerem ,ale Mój Tata ma X1 e84 było to samo okazało się ,że wąż idący z turbiny do IC miał mała dziurę przy opasce wejściu do chłodnicy to było przyczyną ,druga sprawa ,może być zacinający się zawór EGR
1 - 3 of 3 Posts