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BMW 330i couple 2008, 50k miles

Problem started approx 12 months ago. At low revs pulling away on the motorway, yellow engine light came on and limp home mode kicked in. Pulled over, restarted the engine, everything appeared fine. Same thing happened a few more times eventually took to BMW who replaced a nitros oxide sensor £400 with no apparent sucess, and then replaced the fuel pump (approx £700), fortunatly both covered under warrenty.

Same thing happened again approx 6 months later, bmw fitted new fuel pump, again covered under warrenty.

2 weeks ago the same thing, im confident the diagnostic will show exactly the same problem and BMW will try and flog me a third fuel pump for the best part of £1k.

Has anybody else had similar problems, or know why the fuel pumps are packing in every 5k miles or so? Pulling away from a slow start in 2nd/3rd gear it shakes, EMS light on and limp home mode kicks in.

Any ideas/suggestions much appreciated
Why did the fuel pump fail?

Until you know, expect to do it again.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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