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Alright so heres my story,
I recently purchased a 2004 bmw with 82,000 miles on it and it drove fine for a while. i got it inspected after i purchased it and they said there was a small oil leak but they couldnt tell where it was comming from. i had to make a long trip recently and on the way home the oil pressure light came on. so i added half a litre of oil and the thing drove well again. then several hours later it came on again so i added more oil. the light didnt come on again until this morning. it was driving fine last night but as soon as i started it this morning the pressure warning came on, i checked the oil level and its a little more than full. i looked up on here possible reasons why this could be and they said to replace the oil pressure switch which i just did and the light is still on.
What i want to know is could it be the oil pump? if so how can i tell? if i need to take it to a dealership do i have to tow it? the engine sounds the same by the way.
On this one, since you replaced the OP sensor, I wouldn't take any chances on an oil pickup clog or a pump failure. Talk to the dealer/indy, but I'd probably flatbed it. Pump failure can cause thousands of dollars damage in minutes. Could be something simple, but the alternative is really bad.

If there's anyone who has another idea besides the OP sensor for the 545, let him know.
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