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EngineSwap 323i Help?

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Hello, all. Firstly, I'm new here, so I may not be in the right place, but hopefully I'm close.
I've got an early 2000s 323i at my garage where I work, and my boss has told me that I could have the engine and tranny out of it, since the person who was buying it blew a head gasket. Yes, I know that head gaskets can be a pricey fix on a BMW, but I have a car that I would love to drop the engine and tranny into. My question is this: what all electronic parts do I need to pull as well? I know that I can backtrack from the engine and such, but that's just that much more time consuming. And the other question I have is this: is there such a thing as a simplified ECM that doesn't control the air, radiator, and every other function? I just want one that will purely run the engine. :dunno:

I'm a mechanic, but I'm more used to older cars. Much simpler times, then. Not all this computer BS.
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2000 is an e46 chassis, so you should probably check with them,

that being said, what car are you planning on dropping the engine/trans into?? auto or manual?? :dunno:

if you are not well versed with computer engine controls, perhaps the companies that specialize in stand alone systems would be beneficial for your plans?? :dunno:

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