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Wondering about buying a new (used) engine for my E91 318D

But im getting curious when I'm checking the VIN numbers and I'm not sure if HECK and ALLR is compatible.

The new engine is from an E84 X1 X18D
But the engine code is N47-D20C
My current engine is also N47-D20C (just for info)

Is it something special I need to switch out?

Thanks for reply! :)

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HECK = rear(-drive), auf Deutsch
ALLR = allrad = four-wheel(-drive), auf Deutsch

All-wheel-drive models with petrol engines typically differ from the rear-drive versions by having an oil pan that accommodates a front half-shaft passing through or beneath it. Swapping the original oil pan onto the donor engine is usually all that's required. However, that's for gassers--I am not sure whether it is necessary for the smaller diesels or if additional parts might differ.

You could start by looking on to compare the part numbers of a replacement short engine for both configurations (RWD/AWD). If they differ the engines are not directly interchangeable and you will need to identify the differences (or just use an engine from the same drive configuration as your car).
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