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over a week ago I removed the ESIS because my car went in for it's first Inspection-I service. so I've been driving most of this week with the unmodified stock air box. I did notice that I was now missing some top end openness that I had before. yesterday, I drove my favorite local back road and while the car performed very well as always, I still noticed something missing on the top end. this morning, I popped the ESIS back in (essentially the modified lower half of the air box) and reinstalled the air filter with the foam layer removed. it was such a nice day, I had to drive the scenic route again but this time I drove with the windows and sunroof open. there is indeed a noticeable improvement in top end performance with the ESIS as well as a minor increase in intake noise. there is still more work to do with this project (like getting the older air filter with more surface area and no foam layer) but at this point, I think this will be a permanent mod to my car (though the design will probably vary by the time it's complete). this might be a good time for people who like to be early adopters to jump in. the more people that test this, the better. 323/328 owners should move the ballast using the E46 M3 bracket and trim cover and then create a second input based on the Shawn Fogg recipe. the ESIS (third inlet) will only really be effective on 325/330.

I'll roll all of the info up into a web page at a later date when I get some more time. :bigpimp:
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