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Euro Deliv with Nav System

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I've been searching the archives and haven't found the answer to the question of:

When I take Euro Delivery with Navigation, can I purchase a 6-CD changer in Munich and have it installed in my 325 xiT?

I understand that the English-language CD's for the Nav system should be purchased either from Navtech or the Munich dealer, but how does a guy listen to CD's while driving in Europe? Surely I'm not relegated the the crappy little cassette player behind the navigation system.

If I [can] buy a 6-CD changer, do I have to remove it in order for the car to be shipped?

(Say, I'd also like to thank "Nat Brown" for his excellent information about European Delivery.)

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Purchase the CD player in Germany

Go ahead and call BMW Niederlassung Munchen @ Frankfurter Ring Tel. 011 49 89 35 35 10 . It is less than 5 minutes from the European Delivery Center. (If you leave out of the delivery center, turn right after the security checkpoint. Drive until you run into Frankfurter Ring. Make a right. Get in the middle lane. Drive over the overpass. Get in the right lane. The dealership will be on your right hand side. You cannot miss it.) I know for a fact that the following player does work in the US spec car. I had my brother pick one up a Schaal BMW in Bitburg. CD Changer 65 12 6 913388. Find out if they can order it for you along with the brackets and screws. I don't know if I would install it because it may or may not show up after inspection.

As far as the CD or DVD, you may want to order it before you go. Contact NAVTECH, pending that you get a CD based unit. If it is a DVD based unit, I can't help you. If you plan on going to the U.K. or Ireland, I can sell you a disc for $35-$40.

I would also suggest buying most of your accessories over there. You can buy trim pieces that are not available here. I can also provide you the part numbers
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Car radio

My car had the US Spec radio. If you have the code for the NAV, you can change the radio due to the fact that their stations are on even frequencies versus odd. I really did not have a problem. The car that you pick up is totally US specs and I heard that on non-NAV cars, the radio head unit is not changed out. On a BMW with a NAV, you could install the CD player within one hour. Or you could go to a dealer and have it installed, but the European Delivery center will not do it.

I purchased a CD changer, trunk net, key ring and other miscellaneous small stuff. My father lives three blocks for a BMW dealer in Luton, England. So it was kind of convenient.
jrubens said:
seivwrig; What extra parts would you recommend for a 330 cic? I was thinking about the steering wheel trim, but I'd imagine that there is a world of options out there.... suggestions folks?
The only thing that I would recommend up front is wheel locks. The trim pieces do vary from Walnut to Acorn to Matt Chrome to various colors. If you email me, I can provide you some prices of parts in Euro. Prices could vary due t o increased vary of the Euro.
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