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Euro Deliv with Nav System

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I've been searching the archives and haven't found the answer to the question of:

When I take Euro Delivery with Navigation, can I purchase a 6-CD changer in Munich and have it installed in my 325 xiT?

I understand that the English-language CD's for the Nav system should be purchased either from Navtech or the Munich dealer, but how does a guy listen to CD's while driving in Europe? Surely I'm not relegated the the crappy little cassette player behind the navigation system.

If I [can] buy a 6-CD changer, do I have to remove it in order for the car to be shipped?

(Say, I'd also like to thank "Nat Brown" for his excellent information about European Delivery.)

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The CD changer isn't available in Germany, so you need to buy it in the US and bring it with you. I bought a CD changer for this purpose, since I was scheduled for Euro Delivery. However, when I got the changer, and the 3' x 2' box of parts, I decided to leave the gear at home and deal with it when I got the car back in the states (hopefully in 3 weeks).

You may have fewer parts and less of a hassle since you're getting NAV. It may be a simple plug and play, rather than the various brackets and trim parts that I have to deal with. In that case, the rumor is that the delivery center will often install the player for you while you wait -- no charge.

Luckily I bought a 330i with the in-dash CD player, so I wasn't too deprived on my trip (not an option with a wagon!).

That's what I was told

This was common knowledge back on the bimmer E39 board. Were you able to buy on there? The CD changer and cell phone were both supposed to be US options that weren't available....

jrubens said:
I thought that the european radios were not compatible with US CD changers and that the radios were changed out to US spec at the US prep center? That would make it a problem installing US CD changers in the trunk.

Has anyone brought a US CD over to Germany with them and then had it shipped back with the car? Or have you had to remove it from the car before dropping it off at the shipper?
The Euro Delivery cars are 100% US spec, so they don't do radio swaps.

Many people have taken the changer over and installed it there and have had no problem getting the car back with the changer intact. However, a "proper" installation requires a jigsaw puzzle of brackets and a couple of hours labor. It's time consuming and the brackets aren't something you would want to bring over in your luggage.
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