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Euro Deliv with Nav System

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I've been searching the archives and haven't found the answer to the question of:

When I take Euro Delivery with Navigation, can I purchase a 6-CD changer in Munich and have it installed in my 325 xiT?

I understand that the English-language CD's for the Nav system should be purchased either from Navtech or the Munich dealer, but how does a guy listen to CD's while driving in Europe? Surely I'm not relegated the the crappy little cassette player behind the navigation system.

If I [can] buy a 6-CD changer, do I have to remove it in order for the car to be shipped?

(Say, I'd also like to thank "Nat Brown" for his excellent information about European Delivery.)

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So, the car can be shipped with the changer?

robg said:
Nat-- what made you think that the cd changer wasn't available in Germany?! When I did my euro-delivery in June 2001- the CD changer was most certainly available from the Munich dealer. And, I'd definitely recommend buying it over there since its cheaper.
When, dropping the car off after taking Euro Delivery, then the changer can be left in place during shipping? I had heard that each item, such as even the safety triangle, had to be removed, but wasn't sure if a CD changer fit into that criteria requiring removal prior to shipping.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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