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Euro Deliv with Nav System

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I've been searching the archives and haven't found the answer to the question of:

When I take Euro Delivery with Navigation, can I purchase a 6-CD changer in Munich and have it installed in my 325 xiT?

I understand that the English-language CD's for the Nav system should be purchased either from Navtech or the Munich dealer, but how does a guy listen to CD's while driving in Europe? Surely I'm not relegated the the crappy little cassette player behind the navigation system.

If I [can] buy a 6-CD changer, do I have to remove it in order for the car to be shipped?

(Say, I'd also like to thank "Nat Brown" for his excellent information about European Delivery.)

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jrubens said:
Oh. I had read somewhere that the US radio would not work in Europe (different spectrum) and that they did a swap.when the car arrived in the US.

seivwrig: what did you buy for yours?
That's what BMW used to do a few years ago... But at least the e46 has a global-spec radio -- you just have to change the mode to Europe or US depending where you are now...

I wish I had known how to do that when I did my ED... FM worked fine since in US mode, it will pick up frequencies ending in an even number, but AM band in Europe jumps every 8 frequencies unlike the 10 frequency jump in the US...
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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