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Euro delivery floormat purchase?

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I'm planning to do a euro delivery and I'm not sure what to do about floormats. I'd very much like to have them while driving in europe, but I'm not too interested in having to carry them over on the flight. How easy is it to purchase floormats at or around the european delivery center in munich? Do you all recommend that I carry them over or purchase them there?
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They've been giving away comp floormats with ED since Apr/May of last year.
hts is right. The car comes with them when you pick it up in Munich. Mine were just black, with no writing or "BMW" or anything on them. Some people are freaks and feel the need to buy different ones with lettering when they return to the States. ;) I think some people might have mentioned that the free Euro delivery ones are thinner and cheaper than ones you buy. But the mats really are just fine. And mine were still in the car when I picked it up in the US.
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Floormats came with my 330i Oct 2001 delivery car.

IMHO, they are BETTER than the us floormats with the BMW logo.

The euro delivery floormats, are keyed to lock to the floor.

From what I understand the normal US BMW floormats, use a screw down piece of velcro to hold the floor mat in place.

With the screw down ED ones in my car i've NEVER had them move a single inch. Very nice.

Nat Brown purchased a set of these ED floormats from the dealer in Munich for his 540 (before I tempted him with the join me on my ED pickup trip, which resulted in his present 330), and the rep there told us that these were the best (highest quality) floormats that BMW sells.
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