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European Delivery purchasers: How much over european invoice did you pay?

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European Delivery purchasers: How much should i expect to pay over invoice?

Hello....Sorry for making yet another topic. I hope this topic is appropriate. As some of you might know, i am about to do the european delivery program...just need to get to the dealer and get the ball rolling(acutally, waitin on something to happen in real-life first, which will trigger this purchasing event!).
I have basically done TONS of analyzing on all the packages and options and have come to a final conclusions. But i have a few questions in regards to this ED program.

1. People have mentioned that they got their car for about 1,500 over European invoice. Is that without options correct?(i guess what i am asking is, as i sit here and add up my car price, should i be adding in the options at full price?).

2. Exactly what is possible when it comes to this ED program? I am so tempted to go to a dealer here in the DC area and be like 'well, the guy over there told me he'd give me 1,300 over ED invoice, can you do better?".

3. When it comes to financing it, if i tell them i can get a loan through peoplefirst(i think thats waht the place is called) for 5.89%, will they usually counter with a lower finance charge?

Sorry i seem to be analyzing this too much. But, as i mentioned a few times, i graduated college about a year ago and can finally afford the car of my dreams. I think my parents(my dad is a steel worker and my mom is a clerk at a clothing store) 'penny-pinching' ways have rubbed off on me slightly........thanks guys! Really this is a great site!
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Euro Delivery Invoice question

are two sets of invoices prices (euro delivery vs. domestic delivery) on options too? i know the base has two invoice prices.
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