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were you on the Tricolor?

Hey, my car arrived on the 25th as well in Los Angeles. Maybe we were on the same boat? (Tricolor) I dropped off my car in Nice, where it then got trucked to Antwerp. Anyway, the letter from ED said it could take up to 20 days after docking to arrive at the dealer.

I left both plates on my car (as well as the floormats) and I hope they both make it intact. How cool to drive around for awhile in the States with Euro plates!

I was pretty good about keeping the revs below 4000 in Europe, but it was hard because the engine is so smooth. I almost redlined it once by mistake. :yikes:

I bought a UUC short shift kit the day I ordered the car, and I'll put it on the day after I get it!

Good luck!
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