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Hi everyone,

I just moved to Europe and brought along my car, a 750Li 2010 model. I am having a really hard time with finding out how to get the European maps loaded on my car. My car has the US maps on the GPS, since I purchased it in the States.

I am currently in Greece and BMW Hellas tells me that the maps cannot be loaded in my car's GPS because it has US specs. They said that this is what BMW AG Munich told them.

However, I just could not believe this for such an expensive car, and I contacted BMW USA. They told me that the maps can definitely be loaded if I contact BMW AG directly. The problem is that when I contact BMW AG they just ignore me and forward my message to BMW Hellas.
BMW USA said that the US spec cars that have the European delivery option, already have the European maps and when they arrive to the US, BMW loads the US maps there, so they can't see why the opposite is an issue.

Does anyone of you know anything about it? I would appreciate any help.

All the best,
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