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Everyone with style 68 rims

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Could all of you please tell me how you personally clean your 68's right here in this spot. This is the hardest spot for me to clean and no matter what type of "wheel brush" I have used none of them work as good as my index finger. I have bought 3 brushes now and everytime I find myself using my finger to get all of the brake dust off. Please tell me what you use so maybe I can find something that works for me.


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OJ330i said:

I thought you lived in Germany because:

1. you replyed to my post quick as hell so I thought that you were somewhere in my time zone because it would have been really early in the morning your time.
2. The German under your name. at least I'm assuming its german.

1) Even though I actually have a life, I like to pretend I don't. (Actually it was only 10pm or so Pacific time)

2) It is German... just a little tribute to my car's birthplace. Below that is my location however, which is morse code for "L.A., CA" :D
Alex Baumann said:

OJ, one remark to #1, from my experiences on this board I came to the conclusion that Americans do not sleep at all :D
We sleep, but like me many miltary people stationed in Germany take the opportunity to get BMW's at invoice price. The only thing that sucks is that I can't join in on any debates (ie. 330 vs. 325, etc.) when they are hot and ongoing. I always have to see the end result when I wake up in the morning.
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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