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Hi newbie here ,

I have had a big nightmare with mini dealership and still after coming out the problem is half fixed ,

So start of the story is i lost my keys in university before i finished :( i had key care cover so they will help me towards the cost of getting a new set recovered , i thought okay this wont be a problem go to main dealership and they will sort me out ?
Ahhh farrr from the truth , i got told they had to replace the locks make new key and code it to the Modules (bcm,dme,ews) correct me if im wrong im not that technical . sooo upon giving them the go ahead i get a phone call saying your set of modules are from italy ? :S they not the original ones , soo now they have to purchase a new bcm and ews to see if they can code it with the key, i then get another phone call saying the dme needs replacing and thats going to cost me over£900 ? i said hell no to that and they came back to me saying if they purchase a new barrel it may work , gave me a 3 week wait until the new barrel came and it still didnt work and now they where saying i need to still replace the dme ????? now i went back to unit to see if anyone found my key as it was last day LUCKLY someone found it and so i gave it to bmw and they just connected the key back and it worked now my problem is i bought the car with only one manual key and thats the only one that works , now im stuck with 4 new keys 2 thats remote keys and two EWS and i have been charged £2700+, what are my options to programme the ews to the remote key as mini where telling me the ews comes up with an error when programming :S :S this is very confusing please could anyone shed some light

Thankyou :(:(:(
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