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Ews not responding

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No start no crank issues with my 2001 bmw 740il first all of the lights in the dash cluster don't come on.. so I changed the ignition switch and it does the same .. I checked fuses relays etc found nothing.. next I thought my ews/Dme needs to. Be align but my computer says no response from ews. I'm at a lost right now and I wouldn't care if I had to bypass the system I just want my car to run . As stated before. No interior lights my oil level indicator, rpm nor gas needle is working. If anyone out there had the same issues please assist and point me in the right direction thank you..
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Even if the DME/EWS is no synced, it would not affect the cluster or interior lights from coming on. My first thought is always battery condition and connections. My second thought is possible water intrusion under the passenger seat where a large fuse block and splices are located. This is the lower point of the floor pan and is often the victim to clogged sunroof drains. Have you noticed any water leaking on to the passenger side floor? Check in and behind your glove box for moisture. The General Module lays flat on a shelf behind the glove box. Make sure the connections are not wet. The EWS is off to the left of the GM as well. Pull your battery cables before you unplug those modules. But again, check the status of your battery. This car hates low voltage.
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Thanks it make sense I will check out your theory tomorrow
Update, I notice a little moisture under the glove box and ran a test light on the relays under there and only was getting fire to it .So I slid the carpet from the side of the door back just a little and the what seems to be a distribution block was rusted out and coroded.You can tell that water was just sitting down there alot so tomorrow I'm going to try to remove the seat to see what else I find and hopefully my problem lies in that direction
What you find will be ugly. Repairable, but ugly. The upside is this will repair your issues and prevent many others in the future.
I sure hope so
The fuse block will look something like this. Also not all the comb splices. VERY important that those are cleaned or replaces as well. Make sure the brown wires are grounded well to the car body. Disconnect the battery before removing the seat or you will trigger an airbag light. Although it's a good idea to do so anyway. Good luck. Take photos.
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Thanks alot as you said my fuse block looked almost like that only it was alot more rust around it I just hope when it's clean and done it solves my issue and I will be sure to take pictures
My old slices I cut one from another car replaced it all and my problems were solved thanks alot for helping me
Good to hear. Nice work.
All thanks to you yes, nice work
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Glad to help. That water usually comes from clogged sunroof drains so you want to make sure you don't have to do this all over again down the road. The front sunroof drains go forward and come out right above the windshield, under the seal. This happens often after a windshield has been replaced. The drain holes get filled with glue. You will find plenty of information on the different BMW forums about this issue. If it is the drain on the front passenger side, the water works it's way down behind the A pillar. Might want to pull that off to see if it's been wet. Careful as I believe your model has an airbag behind there.
My 03 540i had this problem , tho it did not cause a no ceank / no start .
The water was coming in from the passenger rear door vapor seal .
That has led me to redo all 4 doors to keep it clean and dry inside .
Thanks for all the help I will be doing more investigating on this issue to preven it coming back
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