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Exactly how does launch control work?

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As much details as possible please. Is it some sorta button that you tap that automatically launches your car? Also, is there a neutral position on SMG? Can you still rev up and drop it into 1st?
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Thanks :)

exsilio said:
Here are the instructions for the LC. Have fun.

* Disengage the DSC

* Place transmission in Sequential mode 6 (it won't go into S6 unless DSC is disengaged)

* Push shift stick forward (- symbol)

* Car will rev to 1500 RPM

* When you are ready to launch, release shift stick and hold on to your @!#$ cheeks.

The first time I did it I spun the tires pretty good, not intentionally of course, but the next two times were smooth. Even at only 1500 RPM it's quite a boost off the line. Enjoy.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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