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Exchanged 528xi wheels/tires with 535xi wheels/tires and vibration gone

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I bought a new 2012 528xi but I felt that the car vibrated above 55 mph. The dealer agreed that there was a problem and thought that it was an issue with the tires and/or wheels. They used Hunter's High Speed RoadForce Wheel Balancer to try and fix it but that didn't solve the problem. Next they swapped the wheel/tire set with one from a 535xi and that alleviated the problem. They made a request to BMW to approve (fund) the change. BMW would not do anything since they said all 528xi's had slight vibration so it was a characteristic of the model. The dealer (Otto's in PA) stepped up, however, and swapped the originals with a new 535xi wheel/tire set.

So now I am driving on 535xi 18" rims with 245/45 Goodyear's instead of 528xi 17" rims with 225/55 Continental's and the vibration is gone.:)

Anyone else have this issue? Is the improvement due to the wider tires? 18" vs 17? Goodyear vs Continental? Better rims?
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You probably had a bubble on one of your tires. And I am shocked BMW said that its standard for your car vibrate above a certain speed. :tsk:

Well aside from that congrats on the 18's I think BMW needs to step up, with the size of the F10's wheel wells there shouldn't be any tires smaller than 18 in there. It just looks funny.
Obviously its awesome that you got this corrected. I just wonder if this was the dealer taking the opportunity to take credit for BMW stepping up?:dunno:

I do this with my customers too, sometime making them believe that getting them something was a little more difficult than it really was ... everybody wins and the relationship is strengthened. :angel:

Still awesome though :thumbup:
I just had a vibration corrected for a QX56 I own, it started a short time after new tires were purchased... The vibration was subtle, but it turned out to be a defective tire, steal-belt or something inside the tire would shift as you drove on it, and you could never balance the tire;

The hunter machine "should" detect tires that can not be balanced, but it would not detect it on this tire; Dealer and a 3rd party shop both confirmed the hunter machine said the tire and rim were fine; The 3rd party that sold it to me agreed to replace it under warranty; and the issue went away so far; It takes about 500 to 700km of driving for the problem to show it self; but so far not even the smallest vibration;

I suspect one of your tires was defective - but in the end, the goal was to stop the vibration and the swap did just that so who's to complain!

a tire that vibrates with use is not normal.... and should have been warranty...
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