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Exhaust sounds?

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My exhaust hanger broke so I went to a shop and got it rehung. They did not have the factory type of hanger. The stock hanger was a rubber hanger. I imagine so it could raddled and wobble around a little separate from the car. The hangers they put on were just universal metal hangers. Gives it no wobble room. After I got it done I started hearing a loud, vibration sound. Sounds like it's coming from the engine compartment. The new hangers are in back by the muffler. is the vibration from the exhaust since it's now solid and it's the sound of the metal trying to move and it can't?
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most likely. i had the same thing. but mine was more towards the back where the muffler was hitting the a bracket.
Ok, so what did you do to fix it? I got 2.5 inch exhaust put on and the original stock hangers won't fit now. Do they make a bigger size?
I don't know about the US, but in the rest of the Civilised world (like Namibia) you get 100's of different rubber hangers ;)
Lol makes since. I have just boughten to many off brand parts and them break on me quilcky. Just ment like if there was an OEM brand or something.
i was able to reuse the stock hangers no problem. the big part will be how much difference there is between the hanger on the body to the exhaust. most rubber hangers should work if the height is right
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