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Hi everyone, this is my frist post..woot! :p

To my question at hand..

I recently purchased my frist BMW, a 2002 BMW 330Ci.. I love it!

I'm wanting to pick up cat or muffler back, I want to keep it super stubble though. Something close to factory volume with a preformance note..similar to what the OEM 350Z/G35 produces. I'm prepared to dish out some cash but nothing insane..I've found quite a few systems but not really sure which is what I'm looking for. Ohh and also..I don't wish to stray to far from an OEM look..something similar to the M3's visible muffler section is ideal.

Any input would be greatly appricated! In advance, thanks guys!


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Dude, the villagers are coming to flame you :)

First do a search here, you'll find it can yield invaluable information that wil save you time typing a post, and us a reply :)

Edit: Here is the absolute cheapest route to getting a little more growl from your existing exhaust, and it will cost you less than $2
See, searching is remarkable :D

Second, check the sponsors on this site, they have good equipment and help pay the bandwidth bills to keep this community running.

Otherwise, Borla, Corsa, UUC, and Rogue Engineering to name a few that have audio files on their site to give you a comparison.

Happy driving and welcome to the 'fest. :thumbup:
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