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Totally frustrated with this case. :mad: Any Expert / Experienced idea or even any hint???

As usual, after repairing its front side and fitting other required parts, replaced the safety battery terminal. But cant start the car. It cranks, but can't start. So again checked battery, fuel level, found fuel pressure is zero. (Ahaaa!! so its the fuel pump, i thought). But to be sure, took out the plug from pump, connect an external 12v battery directly into the fuel pump, and with the 2nd try, there he took start fist time after 1 month.;) But i got totally puzzled.

Since fuel supply and engine is working, i went backward to wire connection from fuel pump relay, line, pump fuse.. everyone seems to be okay.. after a lot of angry curses (It was not easy trust me!!) got that the DDE relay is not clicking. (At last!!! i jumped :rofl:). But again TO BE SURE, checked the relay by applying external power, and there he clicks. :mad: Back to level one.

Went backward again, checked the continuity of DDE to relay wire, found ok. Got t o t a l l y c o n f u s e d :dunno:.

Dont have any idea left. CAN Anyone throw any idea what it cud be? totally fade up.
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