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Extended Maintenance - Magic #?

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1 - The vehicle: 2008 X5 3.0
2 - Mileage as of today: A hair less than 41K
3 - 4 Yr Warranty Expires: 8/27/12
4 - CPO Warranty Expires: 8/27/14
5 - Long term objective: Drive for 2 more years and trade in for a 2011 when CPO expires.

Current i-Drive service results:
1 - Engine Oil - 7/13 - 3100 miles
2 - Front Brakes - 12000 miles
3 - Rear Brakes - 23000 miles
4 - Brake Fluid - 3/2014

I am assuming we will put on 20K miles +/- in the next 2 years while covered under the CPO warranty. One of the unknowns with this decision is will I get rotor replacement when the system indicates the brakes are due for the front. I had the rear brakes replaced a couple of K ago at the dealer but they did not replace the rotors because they were within Specs. I would venture to guess that in 23000 miles or sooner those rear brakes will be well below specifications therefore a full replacement is probable.
With this in mind, the following items that will most likely be covered over the next 20K miles/2 years:
1 - All 4 items above
2 - Another oil change
3 - Maybe 2 wiper changes?
4 - Possibly belts?
I have been quoted $2295 by my local dealer and a number lower by a board sponsor. Where do you think my "magic number" is for it to make financial sense to purchase the extended maintenance agreement?
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BMW only measures pad life- there is no 'counter' in the CBS system to separately track pads and rotors... So when the dealer did the pads HOW are they going to assure you that you will know when the rotors are under spec? They will not even CHECK the brakes (pads or rotors) for 23k miles... You may go dangerously below spec on the rotors, now that they put new pads on and reset the counter... Simply stated, they screwed you on the rotors. IMO

Rest assured that when YOU are paying, they will demand the rotors be changed with the pads....

If you will only use a BMW dealer for this service, just add up their stupid prices for two oil changes, a few micro filters, two wiper blades and front and rear brakes and a brake flush. $2295 seems like a steal in that case. (I can do brakes- rotors and pads- in an hour myself. Actually in half the time it takes to drive to and from the dealer. Parts show up UPS. Easy peasy.)

I'm sure that if I took the car in and had them measure my rear rotors within the next year they surely would be under specs. I would think then they would HAVE to change them along with a new set of pads as even BMW cant say you can re-use pads on new rotors.
I just performed my first brake job (rear only) yesterday on my E39. It took me much longer than an hour but I can see how next time it should take me less than 2 hours. Damn rotors were rusted on.

The alternate quote I have is significantly less that the $2295. Thanks for reminding me about the air filters. Obviously also an easy DIY but the filters have value toward making a decision.
Understood your comment about rotors going well below design limit . . . question . . . are you suggesting those of us that are not so handy have it checked at an Indy place and if necessary have the Indy replace it? If yes, do these Indys buy the parts themselves (markup?) or do we mail order the parts and have Indys simply install it?

I have not used Indys except for wheel alignment - started that after our wheel alignment thread. Thx.

Simply stated, they screwed you on the rotors. IMO

Rest assured that when YOU are paying, they will demand the rotors be changed with the pads....
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