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NEW Kit cost me originally something like 12k to put together. I was selling for $4500 but I made a private offer So I would not have to deal with multiple sales of splitting up- Shipping is $200 Price of kit $3600

Get at me quick or Stuff will be parted out.

I have a complete supercharger kit for 95 to 99 m3- In hardly used condition. only had it in my car for 9 months before I had to sell the car for school loan payments.

Xb1a gear driven supercharger 9k miles on entire kit

rms aftercooler with water alcohol injection bypass/bov- mondo valve, icetank custom cool air intake and a radiator system for the aftercooler.

big bored throttle body

boost- exhaust temp- and special wide band o2 sensor for the tec III

I made a flicker account and just took some more recent pictures today.

tec III comes with small laptop and programs to tune the car your self. Already on the system is 3 tuning profiles done by vic Sias- for max hp and best fuel efficiency. ( With this you can tweak it and run any octane you want and can alter the set up) I also have the Dinan upgraded chip aswell

Smog legal unused carb sticker for this kit. You dont have to pay someone under the table to smog your car. just swap out the aa track pipe.

540i hfm

custom sc/er and crank pulleys for max belt rap and all the combinations you need for 11, 14, and 18 psi.

I had so much air going into my engine the last upgrade i needed was headers. the only bit of restrictive piping left. If you get headers and lower your compression getting around mid 400's rwhp should be cake. I broke 400 around 15psi.

Everything you need complete kit. Email [email protected] for pictures.

Have to sell to pay student loans off. If i could i would sit on this kit until i found another nice m3 to put it on but i cant.

injectors included

Everything listed in the original dinan kit I have.

The supercharger alone sells for $2000 on ebay
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