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F1 - Get Over It!

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You guys ever played a team sport when you were a kid? Ever heard, "take one for the team"? Have you ever seen someone bunt when playing baseball?

Ferrari's purpose in F1 is not only to win the constructor's championship, but to also produce a world champion. The rest of the season is UNCERTIAN, believe it or not MS is not guaranteed to be the world champion in 2002, however he is currently best positioned for the championship. Ferrari would be foolish or arrogant not to give him every advantage possible. It is widely known and accepted that 90% of the Ferrari team is dedicated specifically to enhancing MS's performance. It is common and uncontroversial that the number 1 driver has rights to race the other driver's car and take the ideal pit-stop strategy.

Everybody knows that RB won the race. He is even taking home the 1st place trophy. He sat in the center for the after race interview. The only thing RB did not win was the official point's… big deal, RB won OK... GET OVER IT!
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Dave 330i said:
The truth comes out. Frankly, I find F1 races quite boring. My opinion was reinforced Sunday when I happen to catch the last lap of the Austrian F1 race to see one guy in a red Ferrari purposely slowed down so another guy in another red Ferrari could passed him up to finish first. I wonder if Michael will ever let Mario do that at Indy.

I guess this generous act is the same as the "rabbit" in a marathon. What happens if the "rabbit" decide to win the race? Hum, perhaps he gets fired?
I think the only reason that F1 races are so boring is that Ferrari is so far ahead of the other teams. I'll admit that is sucks watching a race where the winning driver is 45 seconds in front.

It was better a few years ago when Villenauve was competetive with Williams. BMW is the closest competitor, but they have a lot of work to do to catch up with Ferrari.

Oh well.
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