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BMW driveshaft flex disk recall

BMW is conducting a Voluntary Safety Recall on certain F10 5 Series Model Year 2011 to Model Year 2012 involving the rear driveshaft flexible disc, also know as the guibo. Approximately 8,800 vehicles are affected in total.

This safety recall involves the flexible disc, which transfers power between the transmission and the rear driveshaft. The flexible disc may not have been produced with sufficient strength. Over time, the disc could break, which would result in a loss of propulsion.

Affected Vehicles
BMW driveshaft guibo recall

Materials selected for the front (transmission side) flexible disc may be subject to premature failure.

Your dealer will check the revision index number on the flexible disc and if necessary replace the flexible disc.

Dealership Procedure
The dealer will inspect the flex disk under the car. If the disk is made of rubber or the part number ends in 03 the disk will not be replaced. If the part number ends in 01 or 02 or the numbers are not readable it will be replaced.

If you've replaced the guibo yourself it is worth checking the part number of the part installed to make sure it does not end in 01 or 02.

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Interesting, especially because I had my car at the dealer a little over a month ago, and it was recommended that I have it replaced via CPO (as a possible source of my vibration). Ended up being two wheels, and there was no mention of the guibo being replaced or even still needing replacement...
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