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Sat. Mar. 23rd 2013 @ 12PM
BMW owners and enthusiasts are meeting at this great venue for the first event of the season.

Everyone is welcome. This is intended as a clean family-friendly gathering.
RSVP is not required. Some members have confirmed below so we have an idea of what the minimum turn-out should be.
There should be lots of F10s, a few M/// models and perhaps some exotic cars if the word has gotten around.

Floyd Bennett Field, Brooklyn, New York by flickr4jazz, on Flickr


Location and address:
50 Aviation Road
New York, NY 11234
(718) 338-3799 (this line plays a recorded message) - Visitor Center: 718-338-5094
Here is the web site of the The Floyd Bennett Field.

Click the Google Maps picture above (with the address showing) or click this Google Maps link to the address

How to send directions to your car:
If you have your BMW Assist account set-up, click "more", then "Send", click "Car" on the left hand side and enter the email address associated with your BMW Assist account. In your car, the message will be waiting for you next time you start it up. Look under Messages, open it and navigate to it.

Weather forecast:
Weather looks good: Sunny and 45 degrees. Bring a nice jacket, it may be windy/ chilly.

How to reach me:
Call/ text: (347) 871-0BMW

Where are we meeting and parking?
Alan L summed it up (thank you!), here is how to get to it:
When you first turn into the park and make it passed the gate, you need to make the first left onto the main road and take it all the way down.
You will see a couple of airplane hangers to your left where we will be parking at.

There is a parking lot in front of the hangars.
My understanding is they are still closed to the public but it would be nice to have them in the background.

What type of event is this going to be?
The person to speak with for permits is at (718) 338-3454.
I spoke with them back in Feb. and again today Mar 21. Recap:

The nice Hangar with the old planes was damaged by hurricane Sandy and won't reopen until May.
I described our intent: 20-30 BMW owners showing up and parking in one area next to each-other to form a non-commercial gathering.
One, a couple or several people may have a camera and will be snapping a few shots of the cars.

Answer: NO permit is required so long as:
we do NOT "set-up" the area we use: canopies, tables, grills, generators, models, projectors, sound system etc.

If we cross that line and we are spotted = problems.
For info: if we wanted/ needed a permit, there would be fees + 2 weeks processing + insurance + filling-out a form which amongst things asks for the SS# of the person organizing the event. No interest on my part.
So there you have it.

Are there any restrooms on the grounds?
Yes, in the Visitor Center and near the campground.

What's the history of that place?
Under the guidance of Robert Moses, Floyd Bennett Field was built originally on Barren Island in Jamaica Bay, and was later connected to the mainland with sand dredged from the bay.

The airfield was named for Naval Aviator and Brooklyn resident Floyd Bennett, who was the first person to fly over the North Pole.

Famous aviators, including Amelia Earhart and Howard Hughes flew out of this airfield. It was taken over by the Navy during WW II and decomissioned in the 1970s. It is now part of the National Park Service.

How many people are attending?
The following forum members at a minimum:

Alan L.
kar don
5soko (m5board)
siikhM6 (m5board)
x-ception + 2 (5post)
Teemo Panda (5post)

After the event:
Please send your pictures and videos to bmwmeets at gmail dot com after the event so that I can pass them on to the bimmerfest staff.
For the ones who know how to, please mask the license plates of the cars you have shot in the picture.
I am in touch the site administrators and asking them to put our event on the front page and to update with pictures & video afterwards.

Video/ Pictures:
I will capture video footage with a GoPro Hero3 Black Edition. Does anyone know their way around video editing to produce a nice video of the event from the raw footage I and perhaps others will supply? Please contact me.

Looking forward to seeing/ meeting you all. Thank you everyone!

Mar. 24 EDIT: Pictures are up!

se7en's pictures are in posts # 140 and 141
Alan L.'s in posts # 142, 143 and 144
DINAN_GT's in posts # 145 and 146
dbs600's in posts # 163, 164 and 165

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Nice spot for a meet. I'll def be there with my camera gear. Lets make this for late March so the weather is a bit nicer/warmer.


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30 minutes away and very interested if midday on a Sat or Sun!

Is there a good deli or bagel shop nearby? ;)

March 30th or 31st at 12:00 Noon work?

There should be a rain date too...

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I might make it. I have a DSLR too, I'll bring mine as well!

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Sweet!.. If I don't get my car by then (in production), Ill fly in. Hopefully its a nice sunny day.

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I'm in South Jersey, but I'd be interested in making the drive if you could make it a Saturday around 12:00 or so. Pictures with that back drop would be cool.

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I've been to meet at FBF before, and it is a great venue.

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The New York Auto Show starts Friday, March 29th and I don't want to lose out on anyone wanting to hit it up...

So let's do Saturday, March 23rd at 12 Noon, with Sunday, March 24th as the rain date; Sound good???

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Gentlemen -

Glad to see such an interest in this meet.
I am counting 12 people in this thread saying they'll come. I don't know why so many people click the thread title and only such a small amount posts...

The last meet I organized in Edgewater was a flop because of the weather.
So I propose we put a light circle on Mar. 23rd, as suggested by dbs600/ if everyone agrees, and confirm or adjust one week prior when forecast is available.


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Late March sounds way better for a meet...most likely I'll be there
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