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F10 IHKA Flash with 22-11 full file. Only module issue

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Hi all I flashed all my modules successfully through esys but the IHKA module came up with completed with warning. I have since noticed my DL side won’t blow hot air now. I have tried reflashing and no success the software parts were successful now I’m at a loss and the module shows up with no errors in ista.

[IHKA - 78] possible timing violation detected during execution of service TD - TransferData [WARN]
MCDDiagService<id=3800,, service=TD - TransferData, description=warning: timing violation (no error), link=IHKA_78_ETHERNET> [DIAGSERVICE]
[IHKA - 78 - btld_00002788-002_016_001] Transaction type: blFlash; Message: 100% progress on ECUId:IHKA_0x78 [100% of btld_00002788-002_016_001] [TRANSACTION]
[IHKA - 78 - btld_00002788-002_016_001] Transaction type: blFlash; Message: TA finished [TRANSACTION]

and the errors now showing on BimmerLink
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Get svt by using Read ECU. check if IHKA list has any fff or UNKN or if cafd is missing.
If its missing calculate svt soll then flash again.
When you flash a module esys will code the module as the last step. Since you are experiencing issues with the IHKA. It better to code it and check if the issue is gone. Follow the post#16 after coding
Have you checked the blower motors?
You can try to reflash the IHKA module
1 - 9 of 59 Posts