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Hi all, hoping you can help.

I'm trying to reset the oil and inspection services indicators on a 2013 f20 but am unable to do so.

The oil service & inspection is indicated as overdue. I have followed the procedure:
Push start button to switch ignition on, wait for check lights to go out and hold the trip reset button to access the service menu
Use the trip button to scroll to oil service/ inspection. The car indicates the reset is possible
I hold the trip reset button to reset, it attempts to reset and after a time the car indicates reset unsuccessful

After reading around, I have tried doing this with handbrake off (although handbrake is not electronic), with the doors shut & car in neutral but every time the reset is unsuccessful.

I've asked my local BMW dealer if they can reset, but they've told me if they reset, it would create a service entry in the cars electronic service book and so they won't do it. They went on to say only BMW can reset the service indicators when they service the car.

Has anyone else come across this and knows how to solve?
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