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Hello everyone
New to forum and need help with heated steering wheel retrofit on F25
I have replaced all the hardware that I believe is required:-

M sport steering wheel with heat.
Steering wheel control module
Steering column control switches ( clock spring ) with connectors for heat
lower steering column shroud with hole for heated steering wheel button.
heated steering wheel button.

I have had by coding 'guy' attempt to code the car. Option 248 added to VO and some of the control modules.

Unfortunately nothing is working. No orange light on switch and no heat to wheel.
I have checked that elect power is travelling through the clock spring and up to the control module in the steering wheel but I guess the module is not recognised by the car so will not accept the heated switch on/off signal to activate power to the switch and then the heated steering.

I have even bought a brand new steering wheel control module from BMW ( $230 Grrrrr ) as the original one was from ebay but heat still not working

Anyone help me please with the coding requirements????
There appears to be no SZL module to code??
Does F25 have this module (SZL) or are steering column switches and steering wheel module connected to the JBE module ( or JBBF module )??


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[QUOTE = "CNTAF25, 게시 : 10086037, 회원 : 594470"]
JBBF 코딩이 작동했습니다.
이제 봄이 온다. Lol
한 달 전에 아직 추웠을 때이 문제를 해결할 수 있었으면 좋겠습니다.
오 글쎄, 내년 겨울은 항상있다.
언제 차를 만들었습니까?

My car is 2013.
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