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f30 alarm activation

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Hello, I just got F30 from USA and I want to get original bmw alarm. My car has mirror with the light and roof center module has sensors like in the photo

How do I active alarm, do I need siren installed and if yes its prewired?
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Yes, you'll need to be sure you have the siren. You'll also need a "tool" (like BimmerCode, BimmerTools, Carly, etc.) to change the coding parameters to activate the alarm
If your car didn’t come from the factory with the alarm I don’t think it is wired for the alarm. About halfway through the E9x model run BMW stopped pre-wiring 3ers for the alarm. Previously they had come pre-wired and only needed a few components installed for the alarm to work. After they stopped pre-wiring it was no longer possible to add the alarm in a non-cost prohibitive way. If it didn’t come from the factory with the alarm you were out of luck. Of course, almost anything is possible if you throw enough money at it.

I haven’t seen much posted about adding the alarm to the F3x after the fact, but unless BMW made a change the F3x isn’t pre-wired for the alarm.
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