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F30 Bluetooth

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  • 1 Handsfree with USB interface
  • 2 GSM preperation with USB and Bluetooth connectivity
  • 3 BMW Assist with enhanced Bluetooth and USB

This page describes the different Bluetooth options for the F30 series BMW.

You can check Bluetooth compatibility between your BMW and your phone at

In addition, you may want to check from time to time if a software update is available from BMW to improve compatibility at for this you will need your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) and a USB stick to copy the update file onto. Once you have the update file on the USB stick, put it in the USB socket in the center armrest. If newer then the installed version, you will automatically be offered to do the update.

Handsfree with USB interface

Option Code: 6NH

This Bluetooth option is standard in some regions like North-America, UK and the Netherlands.

  • Support for Bluetooth HSP (Headset Profile)
  • Support for Bluetooth PAN (Personal Area Network) (or is it DUN?)
  • Support for Bluetooth PBA for addressbook sharing with supported devices
  • Up to 4 devices can be paired, but only one device can be active.
  • Includes a USB port in the center armrest
GSM preperation with USB and Bluetooth connectivity

Option Code: 6NK

Features in addition to Basic Handsfree;

  • Support for Bluetooth A2DP Profile support for Audio streaming over Bluetooth
  • Support for Bluetooth MAP Profile support for SMS support for supported devices
  • 2 active bluetooth devices simultaneous
  • Support for Apple Album Flow (USB connected)
  • Support for a optional device cradle in the armrest
  • Voice Control

This Bluetooth option supports two active devices similtanious. If both devices are phones, incomming calls from either active device will come through, but outgoing calls will be on the primary device. Primary and Secondary can be switched around to make outgoing calls on the secondary device.Alternatively one device could be a phone and the other a dedicated audio player, streaming music.

BMW Assist with enhanced Bluetooth and USB

Option Code: 6NL

This is the same a Option 6NK, but adds support for BMW Assist
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